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Alex Adair – make me feel better

Love the styling! And the music

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Stratford shopping

I think I need one of these.20140402_140808 20140402_140825

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Japan: his and hers

Great photograph, taken by Natasha from work. (thank you) I just took it from her Instagram stories from her recent trip to Japan for Alexander McQueen…Natashas japan




skins gavin watson

Can any one image look so good? A stylists dream, a look and feel that cannot be duplicated since it’s a real life photograph.( acid wash AND a mocassin?!!!)It was posted on facebook and I immediately had to find out where it came from: Gavin Watsons book SKINS. Funny, because after looking around online at first wave Skinhead documenteries, educating myself on this utterly cool subculture that hit multi cultural Britain in the 60s, I read there’s a newly opened exhibition at Somerset House:  Return of the Rudeboy. (Skinheads were derived from the Rude boy movement that came ovet the waters from Kingston Jamaica) Although the exhibition is a look at sartorial styling NOW it just fires you up to remember why youth culture is so important and how it can unite cultures through music, clothing and style. (There is a great review in the this paragraph: As Paul Gilroy says, the rude boy is a complex archetype as well as a real and recurring presence throughout modern black culture and popular music. That he has been reinvented once again purely as a style icon can be read as a positive development in tune with a contemporary Britain where race is no longer such a fraught issue – or as a reflection of our more conformist times in which style is constantly elevated over substance. For the time being, if Return of the Rudeboyis anything to go by, the rude boy is back: still cool, but no longer edgy; razor sharp but minus the razor.

What are the subcultures bubbling up through youth these days I ask?

Rude Boys: from Shanty town to Saville Row

Return of the Rudeboy at Somerset House

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Riccardo Matlakas


The brilliant and original artist Ricci Matlakas is wowing the walls of the East, with this 3 piece series, which I’ve been told is actually a marriage proposal. He is one of the most talented artists I have ever had the pleasure to meet and I have yet to see his work on such big scale, so I’m excited to check it out before it leaves in a week’s time. I love art on the street. I love the majority of its placement and I love the fact that an individual’s visions and thoughts (or your perception of them!!) are accessible to absolutely anyone this way. I find his style soft, beautiful and meaningful..and seen here it’s so starkly conflicting its surroundings it really makes you look and think twice.

rikki 1

rikki 2



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A Little Like Us

Have been meaning to see this movie for a long time, and finally I did. Personally, I’m not the biggest of fan of getting too much info about a movie in advance, however, Rose, you need to see this movie. Directed it did Noah Baumbach who also did the Squid and the Whale, still it feel like this Woody Allen- New York- version on Amelie from Montmartre but set in 2014…